Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Occupation: Cooper

A cooper is someone who makes vessels comprised of large wooden sticks known as staves bound together by hoops and possessing flat ends or heads such as casks, barrels, bucket, tubs and butter churns.

Related Suname notes:
The trade of cooperage has given us the English name Cooper, Danish name Bødker, German names like Faßbinder (literally barrel binder), Dutch names like Kuiper or Cuypers, the Hungarian name Kádár, Bodnár, Polish names such as Bednarz, Bednarski or Bednarczyk, the Czech name Bednář, the Romanian names Dogaru and Butnaru, Ukrainian family name Bondarenko, Ukrainian/Russian name Bondar, the Jewish name Bodner and the Portuguese names Tanoeiro and Toneleiro. (source: wikipedia)

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