Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Donauschwaben Coat of Arms

The imperial black eagle holds his wings protectively over  the central region of the Danube and symbolizes the obligation of the Holy Roman Emperor to protect those borders of the empire.
The wavy blue line symbolizes the Danube River, on or along which the German settlers traveled to Hungary.
The strong fortress of Temeschburg (Timisoara) is flanked to the left by the waning Islamic crescent moon and to the right by the bright rising sun, the symbol of Christ.
The six towers of the fortress represent the six main regions of the settlement for the Donauschwaben: Central Hungarian Highlands, Swabian Turkey, Slavonia-Syrmia, Batschka, Banat, and Sathmar.
The fortress stands on the green fertile farm land made productive by the Danube Swabians.
The Donauschwaben Coat of Arms was created by Hans Diplich in 1950.
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