Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Waterloo Medal - Nearly Wordless Wednesday

The Waterloo Medal was the first military award issued those who served at the battles of Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo 16th-18th June 1815.
Issued in 1816 –17 to every soldier present at one or more of these battles, irrespective of rank, it included nearly 37,000 Waterloo veterans.  The Waterloo Medal was the British Army’s first campaign medal and set a precedent for all such awards that followed.

Waterloo Metal Roll Entries can be viewed at Find My Past for a fee.
The rolls are also published in paperback:


Sanjay Maharaj said...

I visited Belgium some 5 years ago when we stopped for lunch driving from Netherlands and making our way to Gremany. At a local cafe [can't remember the name] while we were waiting for our food, I remember picking up a magazine at the cafe which talked about the battle of Lingy and Waterloo. It talked about how Napoleon developed his strategy on this battle and won. Great to go down memory lane when I saw your article on th ewaterloo medals

Lori said...

These are so interesting! Thank you for sharing!