Saturday, May 29, 2010

Underwood - Doing the Happy Dance

Finally - While researching Underwood on this Surname Saturday in an effort to identify the parents of our ancestor, Susannah (Underwood) Casteel, I was able to break down a long standing brickwall!!
Long suspecting Benjamin Underwood as the father of Susannah I was, over time, able to put together different facts the supported this theory - but at last, by changing the focus of my search to his wife named in the 1850 census as Mary, I have finally found my link.

I found Mary Underwood residing with one of the sons of James and Susannah (Underwood) Casteel in the 1860 Macoupin Co., TN census. (Joseph Casteel - mistranscribed as Castell)
This, together with the other information shown below, allows me to finally feel confident enough to make the parental connection of Benjamin & Mary Underwood to Susannah Underwood.

1830 Blount Co. Tennessee census
Underwood, Benjamin
males: 3 - 5-10yrs; 1 - 10-15yrs; 1 30-40yrs
females: 1 - 0-5yrs; 1 - 10-15yrs; 1 - 20-30yrs
(Susannah fits in the 10-15 yr catagory)

Also in Blount Co. TN:
Deeds 1819-1833 - abstracted by Jane Kizer Thomas
pg 161; 870. (3:194) Benjamin UNDERWOOD to Samual Henery and son:
30 Jun 1836, $75, 3 head of horse, 1 bay mare, 1 clay bank mare,
1 sorrell horse, 4 head of cattle, 35 head of hogs, 1 loom, 1 cart, 1
spinning wheel. Underwood shall pay Henry and sons the sum of
$75 within 12 months for redemption of the property. Sig:
Benjamin (X) Underwood. Wit: P. Nelson Morony, James Casteel
2 Jul 1836
(James M. Casteel is the spouse of Susannah - They were married in Knox Co. TN in 1833)

1840 Knox Co TN - Benj.Underwood
  Males: 3 15-20yrs, 1 20-30yrs &
           1 50-60 yrs
 Females: 1 5-10yrs, 1 10-15yrs, 1 20-30 &
           1 40-50

And finally, with names, in Hamilton Co. TN
1850 census
hh918 Underwood, Benjamin 62, M farmer NC; Mary 50 NC; Richard 29 M
farmer; Martha 17 F
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PalmsRV said...

I love Happy Dance stories.


Jack Coffee said...

Hmmm! I wonder if James Casteel might be of some kin to Isabella of Blount Co.!? She married James Sutton there on Feb. 2, 1826. By 1850 they were in Wayne Co., TN and 1860 in Hempstead Co., AR.