Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 1693 Marriage Record of Edmund du Castel & Christian Boom (Bom)

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volumes 1-39, 1650-1900s
Volume XXXVII, The Marriage Register of Pennsylvania, 1683-1696, Page 268
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Christine (rootsresearcher) said...

What a lovely document to have!! Why is she called Anges by you but is Christian on the document?

And so many names there on the document too. Now all you have to do is sort out which is family and which is friends!! ;-)

And if you know of anything about Mary Rose I'd love to know! I have many Roses in my family tree so if the one in this document is originally from England, well, that could be very interesting.

Kind regards,

Christine (rootsresearcher at So That's Where I Get It From)

TCasteel said...

We are lucky to have it transcribed in the PA Genealogical Magazine. And yes - I did a big oops! Agnes is Christian's mother, and I was researching her and her sister, Wyntie, when I thought of posting this marriage record. I guess I had Agness on the brain. Fixed now. Thank you!!