Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogs where you may get Lucky!

I recently stumbled upon a couple blogs that have the potential to make someones day:

Although I did not find any of our relations at Family Bibles, some lucky person may find a family treasure.
And  at
AncestorSearch using Google Custom Search
Randy Majors has created a search form that utilizes the power of an advanced search on google that returns a more focused set of results.
Using his form I was lead to a site that is transcribing Lancashire Parish Registers.   A great resource for my family research.
Be sure to give this a try.

Happy Hunting!
 - Theresa
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Nancy said...

Thanks so much for highlighting these. I think the AncestorSearch will be very helpful. (At the moment, one of the names I searched sent me back to my own blogs posts. Funny.) Anyway, it seems to search deeper than I usually do and I appreciate that. I haven't looks at Family Bibles yet but I will. Again, thank you.