Saturday, July 23, 2011

' Unknown' of Steubenville, Ohio

Person Unknown
I found this photo mixed in with some genealogy related emails & letters I had stored away when moving.  I have no idea who this person is, there is no identification written on it.  The only clue is the name & location of the studio.
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Nancy said...

Teresa, when I saw Steubenville in my reader associated with your post, I perked up. My grandparents were born in Steubenville. Then I saw your photo... and wondered. Familiar face? Maybe. The mouth is similar, I think.... Look at this post and tell me what you think: On the right is my grandfather, W. C. Robert Meinzen. On the left is his brother, Jacob Meinzen. If your photograph should be one of their brothers, it could be Edward, born 1879, or Walter, born 1882. I don't have photographs of either of the brothers so it would be a guess if your photo is either one.

Did your family have any associations with Meinzens or the Coss family? (Walter married Sudie Coss.)

TCasteel said...

We don't have any Meinzens or Coss connections. I can see it caught your eye though. I am thinking he might be tied to our Welchek side. There were several brothers, but I am not sure. I just sent copies of this pic to a few older relatives who might be able to help. We'll have to keep in touch on this one.