Monday, November 7, 2011

1820 Knox Co. TN, SCI FA: Madison vs Casteel / Greenlee

4 July 1820    Knox County, Tennessee 
County Court Minute Books

Civil SCI FA
PLTF John H Madison
DEFT Abednego Casteel & Francis Greenlee. Secy of John Rice

In this cause the sheriff having returned two writs of scire facias against the Defendant "not to be found" on motion of the plaintiff by his Attorney it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the Defendants fifteen dollars forty one cents the sum in the scire facias as specified and also the costs of this scire facias -
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Joan said...

These wonderful little tidbits just make me want to know more of the backstory. Also loved the name Abednego.

BTW I have a Casteel in the family, my sister-in-law's step father was a well known Casteel in southern Oregon. A handsome man to boot.