Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perks of posting your Family Tree on Ancestry

One of the benefits of uploading your family tree on Ancestry's website is their emailed 'hints'.
I occasionally receive these emails from ancestry; Thankfully they do not fill your inbox with a barrage  of emails.  Sometimes the hints are irrelevant, or I have already located the item they are pointing to, but sometimes they lead to something I had not yet gathered.
Below is the email notice I received today:

I had not searched for the Becker family in the 1915 NY census yet.
I have to admit it is pretty nice to have it handed to me this way.

(click images to enlarge)


Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Theresa, I have also found some further luck in these hints. A few months ago I complained about them, but recently they have highlighted some of the more obscure records at Ancestry and led me to some new documents. I'm loving it the easy way!

Anonymous said...

Glad you received a helpful hint! Although I occasionally have to look through a few hints that aren't necessarly relevant or helpful, it's worth it to get to the ones that are! I've managed to learn quite a bit through Ancestry.