Monday, July 9, 2012

The Sad Case of Phebe Casteel

Phebe J. (Corwin) Casteel
Apr 1862 - Apr 1915

April 17 1915
Daily Illinois State Journal

Phebe lost her husband, Douglas A. Casteel in Nov. 1893.
In April 1895, the court declared her unfit to raise her two young girls, Lulu & Mary, and custody was granted to the Grandfather, Joseph M. Casteel.

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Although she did not remarry, Phebe went on to have two more  children - Stella May b. Jun 1895 & James Michael b. 1904
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Warm Regards . . . said...

Poor Phoebe... I can't help but feel sorry for her. The loss of her husband was too much for her to handle and while it seems she tried to replace the children she lost, it still did not work for her. It sounds like, in the end, she ended up with Alzheimers.

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