Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day: Remembering Those Who Served

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Patti said...

Theresa, thank you for stopping by my new genealogy blog and for following along. Having taken the plunge into genealogy blogging, I am enjoying the chance to connect with others who also have a passion for getting to know those who have come before us.

I celebrated Veteran's Day in a really wonderful way yesterday. I attended a concert called "In the Mood...a 1940's Musical Revue." It is a group that has been touring the world for 19 years, and my city just happened to be their Veteran's Day concert...all big band music, 40's costumes, etc. They do a military salute, followed by "America the Beautiful." It was very moving to be sitting in my local performing arts center and have all the veterans seated in the theatre, stand up for applause and recognition.

Blessings to you,