Saturday, July 6, 2013

Early Tennesse Tax Lists

Early Tennessee Tax Lists can be found on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  These tax records list the names of white males over age 21 and may also give information about that person's land, slaves, and other property.
Click here for a list of the inventoried Tennessee tax lists available by county.

The Tennessee State Library and Archives has partnered with and made available to all an Index to Tennessee tax records for the years 1783 - 1895
Members of can view the actual scanned records.  Residents of the State of Tennessee who are not members of can also view the scanned records by using the Genealogy section on the Tennessee Electronic Library Website.

Below are images from the 1838 and 1839 Blount, TN, tax lists showing brothers James and George Casteel taxed as white males over 21. No other taxes were applied to them during these two years.

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