Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Researching Ancestors in the County of Kent, England

Recently, I spent an evening seeing what general records I could find available online relating to County of Kent, England.
On my 'go to' list of websites are the Online Parish Clerk sites. So that was where I started.
Through the Kent Online Parish Clerks website  (, I was able to find a link to Maidstone Paypers 1834 which provides a list of some of the people receiving parish relief from Maidstone during that year.
According to the OPC, the original Maidstone Parish Chest list contained names of other people for which there was no extra family information so were not included in the extract.
From here I was led into the Rootsweb hosted Kent Genealogy webpage which contains a treasure trove of very useful links for researching ancestors in the County of Kent, England
Now I have plenty of records to peruse through for our ancestors!
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Patrick Jones said...

Thanks for this! I have Kent ancestors too.