Friday, August 8, 2014

Searching the Google Newspaper Archives

Currently, Google News search only returns content from the past 30 days. The "advanced web search page" will let you search by date or date range, but only up to 1970.  To search in earlier time periods, you can use xxxxx

For example, I used Macoupin 1880
and found:
To see if there is a newspaper covering your area of interest,
check the list of the digitized historical newspapers available
If you know the specific time period and place you are searching, you can actually read though individual newspaper issues by choosing a newspaper from the above list and selecting the "Browse this newspaper" tab.
Have fun!

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the reminder about the "site:" search, Teresa. I always forget how it goes (and probably miss lots of good leads in the process).

I use old google newspapers frequently. The one challenge I've found is that when we go to the list of newspapers, they are listed by title but often the name of the location isn't in the title. I don't know if there's a way around that. Just recently I found two Pennsylvania newspapers close to my localities just by clicking on the titles. I was looking for a different location but was pleased to find these two.