Friday, March 3, 2017

PRDH News!

PRDH and Drouin Institute collaboration

 Since the Drouin Genealogical Institute became the PRDH's editor in 2014, the following additions have been made to the database:
  • 1 700 000 new baptism, marriage and burial certificates
  • 60 000 new couples
  • 345 000 new individuals
  • Over a million new links between families and individuals
Members which are subscribed to both and the PRDH have access to the following exclusive features:
  1. View the original document (parish register) on from any PRDH certificate
  2. View the PRDH individual file of any individual named in a's LAFRANCE certificate.
  3. 10% bonus PRDH hits free of charge on purchase for subscribers
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