Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Captain Du Chastel - Queen Anne's War

During Queen Anne's War our ancestor, Captain Edmund du Chastel, was given command of the sloop "Resolution" under the letters of marque as the following abstract indicates:
1707- Nov. 9. Where as her Majesty on the 4th of May 1702 declared war against the Kings of France and Spaine and whereas Capt. George Roach, John van Lawer and the Hurst Merchants hath equipped the sloop Resolution for a private man of war, Capt. Edmund Du Castell is commissioned Commander.

Another person who served during Queen Anne’s War was Edward Teach, who served as the Queen as a privateer. Later, sailing under the name Blackbeard, he named his flagship "Queen Anne’s Revenge".

Queen Anne's War began in 1702 and was the second in a series of four French & Indian Wars fought between France and England in North America for control of the continent, the first war being King William’s War.
It ended in 1713 with the Treaty of Utrecht and peace lasted until the next colonial war, King George’s War, in 1740.
The naming of the conflicts reflects the American Colonial practice of naming wars by the name of the reigning monarch.

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