Thursday, January 28, 2010

On Ships They Came: SS Cleveland

SS Cleveland

Built in 1908, the SS Cleveland had twin-screw propellers and quadruple-expansion steam engines with a maximum speed of 16 knots. With a passenger capacity of 239 first-class, 224 second-class, 496 third-class, and 1,882 steerage, she mainly provided passage between Hamburg and New York.  Service was suspended during World War I, during which Cleveland was kept at Hamburg.

On 12 January 1912 in Honolulu, Hawaii, harbor pilot Milton P. Sanders suddenly dropped dead as the Cleveland was being moved. Control of the ship was not maintained and she collided with the Colorado causing moderate damage. No one was injured.

The News-Palladium  25 Jan 1912 viewed on

It was on the SS Cleveland of the Hamburg-American Line that Maria (Rauner) Stoss immigrated with her daughter, Theresa Stosz, departing from Hamburg on Jan 3, 1930, and arriving in NYC on 14 Jan 1930.

SS Cleveland was retired in 1931 and disassembled for scrap in 1933.

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Joan said...

Wow, neat post. My gg grandparents come from Scotland in 1943. The total # on the sailing ships was about the same as 1st class on the Cleveland, but the percentage of passengers in steerage wasn't all that different. 1882 persons in steerage --- that's alot. Great pics, images, and history. Thanks for sharing.