Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Genealogy Blogging Prompt
Week #23: Talk about anything that’s haunted.

I came across this story while gathering information for my Carnival of Postcards post on Calico Ghost Town and thought it would be fun to add - plus it falls right into the weekly blogging prompt topic:

From: The Ghosts of Calico - Two British tourists reported having a long visit with a staff person in period costume, who explained to them that she was the “last teacher’ in Calico. As they were ready to leave, they had pictures taken with the self-proclaimed teacher. The last schoolmistress in Calico was Margaret Olivier, who passed away in 1932 and is buried in the Calico Cemetery. When the couple returned home and got their pictures developed, they were amazed to see that the “staff member” didn’t appear in the photographs. Later, they found that there had been no staff member working at the schoolhouse during their visit.

On a personal level the following unexplained incidents have occurred in one of our homes:
Clock stopping at midnight - this happened a couple times;
.... the rest only occured once:
A candle relit on Christmas eve
My young nephew having a chat with ….?
My brother seeing a woman dressed circa late 1800’s
& Unexplained footsteps that had the dog growling

The home is very nondescript and has no history lending itself to be considered haunted – still, these were curious events and we like to tell our tales ;-)

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