Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Ships They Arrived - S S Vaderland

S S Vaderland
560.8ft x 60.2ft

1900 July 12, launched for Red Star Line

1900 Dec. 8, maiden voyage Antwerp - Southampton - New York

1901 Dec. 11, first voyage as charter for American Line
1910 Oct. 24, Our Kollain relatives arrive at Ellis Island from Antwerp

1914 Chartered by White Star Line for White Star - Dominion service
1915 Renamed Southland for International Navigation Co.

1915 Became troopship
1915 Sept. 2, torpedoed in the Aegean Sea, repaired

1917 June 4, torpedoed twice by U70 while en route from Liverpool to Philadelphia and sank off the Irish coast. There were four fatalities, all members of the crew.

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CMPointer said...

Thanks for sharing. Have you read "They Came In Ships" by John B. Colletta, Ph.d. Very good and informative!