Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surname Saturday - French-Canadian Ancestors: Lefebvre

Surname: Lefebvre
Definition: A derivation of the French occupational name Fevre, which described an iron-worker or smith. From the Old French "fevre" meaning craftsman. Similar French surnames include Fabre, Faivre, Faure, and Lefèvre. This is the French equivalent of the English surname SMITH. 

We are lucky in that we have a pretty well defined Lineage for our Lefebvre ancestry. I give much credit to the American-Canadian Genealogical Society for assisting me with this branch of our tree.

 - Joseph Vital Horace Lefebvre, born Nov. 1872 in Manchester, New Hampshire, married Marie Anne Turgeon in New Bedford, Massachusetts
 - Joseph Lefebvre (b. 1846 L'Acadie, Canada) & Julia Louise Lambert
 - Vital Lefebvre (b. 1809 L'Acadie, Canada) & Theotiste Henriette Roy
 - Toussaint Lefebvre m. Marie-Louise Lefebvre (daughter of Pierre Lefebvre & Amable Sorel) 1797 in La Prairie, Quebec
 - Nicolas Lefebvre m. M.Louise Brosseau in 1767 in La Prairie 
 - Pierre Lefebvre b. 11 Nov 1709 in Montreal m. Marguerite Moquin in 1734
 - Geoffroy Lefebvre b. Dec 1677 in Montreal m. Marie-Madeleine Michel-Michaud in June 1704
 - Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre from Saint-Germain (pictured right), Amiens, Picardie, France  m. Cunegonde Gervaise in Montreal 14 Jan 1676.  He was the son of Geoffroy Lefebvre & Jeanne Mile. 

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Michelle Lefebvre said...

The names look familiar to me, I'm sure they're descendants of one of the Lefebvre's branches I have....time to find out which branch they belong to.