Monday, February 8, 2010

Madness Monday - Staying on Track

Looking into The Library of Congress
On last night's 'Snowed-In Sunday' evening I was reading random genealogy blogs and clicking around when, thanks to "Maggie's Shared Items" on Genealogy It's all Relative, I came across The Internet Genealogist's post regarding free newspaper databases.   Here I was reminded of the Library of Congress website:
  Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers
Ahh - that's the other place I wanted to search for my key surnames quests.
So off I went to find new and meaningful facts to add to my ancestors lives.

But alas - I was immediately sidetracked by the curious and interesting classified columns.

Here I will share "Health Notes" published in The Mahoning Dispatch (Ohio) March 10, 1916

Enlarged for your reading pleasure below.  Ladies take note!
And remember - 'Read the Dispatch Classified Columns'

Okay - I should get back to my original research tasks now!


Joan said...

I love those "roads less traveled" - especially on a snowy evening. Good fun.

Leah said...

Thanks for the mention! You're right, those old classifieds are great. I've wasted an hour or two of my "research" time reading them and they're always fascinating. I especially like all the cure-alls and tonics they used to advertise, and the testimonals that went along with them were priceless.

Kathleen Brandt said...

Thanks for sharing. As a naturalist, I love this stuff. Please don't go back to work...stay on the "road less traveled."

Herstoryan said...

Oh I just love that! Won't surprise me if I end up trying that honey and lemon lotion. My grandmother swears by raw egg yolk but I just can't stomach that one! :) Thank you for sharing!