Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Surname Saturday - Using Google Books to find the Details

Taking some time to search in Google Books can lead to mining little genealogical gems.

 I was able to locate relevent records by using the surname plus the "&" sign with a location in the search field:  casteel & prince georges 

In the 1719 land record abstract below -  Our ancestor Edmund Casteel's wife is named.

I was then able to find a 1733 tax record for Edmund Casteel.  

Listed further down in the same paragraph of names was the above mentioned Jeremiah Perdue helping to confirm that I have the correct Edmund. You can also see that his other neighbor mentioned in the previous land record, Henry Darnell, is listed above.
This Edmund Casteel (II) had a son named Edmund (III) but did not deed land over to him until Dec.1742.
Edmund (III) had a daughter, Charity, who married a Perdew - shown in another Google Books find below.


Joan said...

wow, good work for a snowy Saturday!

Herstoryan said...

I mentioned you in my SNGF post! :)

Great post about Google Books by the way!