Sunday, August 15, 2010

Memories of Atlantis Park

Established in 1963, Atlantis Park is one of the oldest parks in Garden Grove, California. The four acre park is designed to look like the lost city of Atlantis.

This park holds great nostalgia for me. I can still clearly remember playing there, sliding the long dragon slide, climbing on the bumps of the sea serpent, and going on the whale slide where you emerge out of the mouth of the whale.
The park is still alive and well today with an admission of only $1. Plus, according to one recent online review, you won't see sketchy looking people because the park requires kids to be accompanied by an adult and adults can't get in without kids.
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goldie lux said...

i played here with my brother, best friend and her brother when we were young. i as well have many great memories of this park. my mom found your blog and sent the link to me. thank you for the trip down memory lane!