Saturday, August 28, 2010

Occupation: Iron Moulder

Stephen Welcheck  born.14 Dec 1864 in Bohemia, Austria, son of Frank Welcheck & Katrina Plumsky, listed his occupation in several census records including the 1900 U.S. Federal Census (seen in the post dated 08/19/2010) as an Iron Moulder.

An iron moulder made moulds (or molds) from which castings were made.
The moulder used a special wooden pattern or wax model to shape the mould. The model was then removed (or lost) leaving the shape required and creating the mould.

A moulding floor of a foundry.

An iron founder founds or casts iron using moulds.

Note on spelling differences: 
Most words ending in an unstressed –our in British English (colour, flavour, honour, neighbour, rumour, labour) end in –or in American English (color, flavor, honor, neighbor, rumor, labor).
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