Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tormented by Fire

It was by pure accident that I stumbled upon this 1880 article about our ancestor, John Busch.
I was attempting to confirm & verify the spelling of the street name written in the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1880 Federal census when a link to this article appeared in the Google search results for:  Lussenden Ave. & Cleveland.
John Bush?  I knew our John Busch resided in Cleveland but I had failed to note a street address.  A quick census search confirmed this was our man! 

The Welcheck family was residing at 36 Lussenden Ave. Cleveland Ohio, while the Bush/Busch Family was at 76 Lussenden Ave.  The son of Frank Welcheck (Vlcek), Stephen Welcheck, married the daughter of John Busch, Maggie Busch.  Putting them together by this proximity (along with other information) also helps confirm that the family recorded in the 1880 census as Frank, Katie and Stephen Watcher, were indeed the the Welcheck family.

A very special "Thank you" to Nolichucky Roots who answered my query in He Must Be Somewhere.
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Nolichucky Roots said...

Amazing find, Teresa. Truly thrilling and more than a little horrifying.

So glad I was able to help.