Saturday, January 15, 2011

Solving the Robillard Puzzle

I am getting closer to solving the question of:
"Who were Pierre Robillard and Philomene Ducharme?"
(see  two previous posts).
With the help of ACS researcher, Muriel, a probable 1860 census record has been located:

 We find this family residing in Alexandria, Jefferson, New York - on the border with Ontario and within easy river or possibly train travel from Quebec.

Looking at this record we can easily match the First names Peter and his two oldest children Mary Jean and Charles.  The wife's name is different from what we know. Two possible reasons: Philanese/ Philomene is not her baptismal name or the census taker had some communication problems.  It is noted in Peter's column that he could not read or write.  They were from Quebec and spoke French which might have also posed a problem with this census taker.

Peter's occupation as is correct as I found him in later census records with an occupation of Carriage maker.

The ages of the 2 children match known birth dates for Mary Jane and Charles, and later census and other records indicate that the three oldest children were born in New York.  This lines up - especially since we see Charles listed as 1 month old (even though NY was not noted by the census taker).

The next step is to try to locate the baptism records for these two children to validate the names and surname spelling and ensure we have the correct family. To do so we have ordered a microfilm of St.Patricks church records. I am hopeful that this same microfilm might also contain the elusive marriage record of Peter Robillard and Philanese.
Now, in two or three weeks I may finally have some answers to so long running questions (fingers crossed).
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Eddie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Chicken-fat. I have been doing genealogy since 1976, as a matter of fact, some of my ancestors lived in Fairfax County, Va.... that is a county too isn't? My Trammells and Pettys lived in Fairfax. Also I read that one of the Trammells once deeded the land for Falls Church. I like your genealogical website. I am going to study it to see if something like that would be beneficial to me, I have about 23,000 names indexed in my Family Treemaker and Legacy programs. Thanks!
Eddie Hunter