Friday, February 25, 2011

The American-Canadian Genealogical Society

The American-Canadian Genealogical Society  was founded in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1973.
 Specializing in French-Canadian, Franco-American, and Acadian genealogy, the society is there to serve your genealogical research needs.
Membership benefits:

•Free access to one of the largest French-Canadian Research Libraries in the United States
•Individual assistance and training in utilizing the facilities of their Research Library

•Discounted use Research Department facilities
•Free publication of three single event queries in the American-Canadian Genealogist
•Free participation in Spring Workshops
•Free subscription to the Society's journal, American-Canadian Genealogist
•Visit their message board to introduce yourself and post queries about those elusive ancestors.

For more information visit:
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a3Genealogy, Kathleen Brandt said...

Excellent resource. Thanks for posting.

TCasteel said...

Yes - they have helped me a few times with some elusive ancestors.

Barbara Poole said...

This is a very nice library. I've been a member in the past, and I highly recommend it. Although I don't have French-Canadian ancestors, I've used the facility for local genealogy.