Monday, March 14, 2011

1830 Quebec Marriage Record of Lambert Robillard & M. Amable Salais

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(Margin): M. Lambert Robillard + Marie-Amable Salais.

(Act): on February 22, 1830, after publishing 3 marriage "bans" at the sermons of our parish masses and also at the masses of the parish of Ste-Anne, as it appears by the certificate of messire Fortin, curé of that place, dated from the 21 of the current (month), between Lambert Robillard, living in the parish of Ste-Anne, son of age of Joseph Robillard and of Josephte Minville of the parish of Ste-Anne, on one side, and Marie-Amable Salais from this parish, daughter under age of deceased François Salais, farmer in his lifetime, and of Rosalie Lafleur from this parish, as no objections was found, we undersigned priest of Ste-Geneviève have received their mutual consent and gave them the nuptial blessing in the presence of (?), brother-in-law, of Jean-Baptiste (?), friend of the bride, of Joseph Robillard, father of the groom, of Joachim Robillard, his brother, who, as the spouses and the witnesses declared they were not able to sign.
(Transcription by genealogy friend, Pierre, who very generously assists me with French-Canadian records - Thank you!)


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