Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tech Tuesday: Genealogy App for Google Android

Family Bee – Genealogy Software for Google Android
Family Bee is a full-featured, robust family tree browser. It allows you to view information about families and individuals stored in GEDCOM genealogy files.  
At a cost of  $10 this program lets you:
  • store an unlimited number of trees
  • supports fast searches over the individuals in the trees
  • provides specialized views of families, individuals, "pedigree" trees, and descendents
  • includes facts, events, notes, and sources

For more information see:  Beekeeper Labs  
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Nira Porter Chambliss said...

Has anyone tried this app?

TCasteel said...

I just installed it on my Galaxy Tab. I have to say it is pretty nice. 2 Thumbs up. :-)