Monday, August 29, 2011

Ships of our Ancestors: SS Kroonland

SS Kroonland
The 12,241 gross ton passenger steamship was built at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Completed in 1902, she was operated commercially for the next fifteen years, mainly between New York and Antwerp, Belgium.  In 1916 she began service between the United States and Great Britain. On 20 May 1917, Kroonland was damaged by a German submarine's torpedo while en route to Liverpool. Following repairs, the ship returned to service and was formally taken over by the U.S. Army then later the Navy. After the Armistice, Kroonland began bringing veterans home until September 1919. after which she was decommissioned in October 1919 and returned to  commercial operations in 1920.  Kroonland was scrapped in 1927.

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Our ancestors, Ignatz & Maria Kollain, arrived in New York aboard this ship in October of 1909.

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