Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The 1833 Marriage of Jean Baptiste Brouillet & Marie Josephte (Louise) Denis Laporte

On May 13, 1833, after 3 bans made during the "prones' of the parrish mass, between Jean-Baptiste Brouillette, living in this parrish, son of age of Jean-Baptiste Brouillette, farmer, and of Françoise Larrivée, his father and mother from this parrish, on one side, and Marie-Josephte Denys, daughter under age of Jean-Baptiste Denys, also farmer, and of Marie-Josephte Bachand, her father and mother, from this parrish, on the other side, no impediment being found, with the agreement of the parents, I undersigned priest received their mutual marriage consent and gave them the nuptial blessing, in front of Sieur Joseph Porlier, undersigned, Moyse Blanchet, friend of the spouse, of Jacques Daigle and Élie Smith, friends of the bride, and many others who could not sign.

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