Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Date in History: The Battle of Germantown

The Battle of Germantown, a battle in the American Revolutionary War was fought on October 4, 1777, in Germantown, Pennsylvania, located just north of Philadelphia.  As part of the Campaign for Philadelphia, George Washington decided to attack the British garrison in Germantown in hopes of surprising the British and Hessian armies.  If Washington's plan had been successful, it might have brought the war to a quick end. But, instead, the British victory in this battle ensured that Philadelphia would remain in British hands throughout the winter of 1777–1778.
 Artist's rendition of the Battle of Germantown (October 1777)
          (Oil, date unknown, by Xavier D. Gratta, Valley Forge (Pa.) Historical Society.)
British Regiments :
Light Dragoons ( 16th or 17th)
Two Composite battalions of grenadiers
Two Composite battalions of light infantry
Two Composite battalions of Foot Guards (1st, 2nd & 3rd Guards)
5th Foot later Northumberland Fusiliers and now the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
25th, (King’s Own Scottish Borderers)
27th Foot (Inniskilling Fusiliers and now the Royal Irish Regiment)
40th Foot (South Lancashire Regiment and now the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment)
55th Foot (Border Regiment and now the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment)

American Units:
Wayne’s Pennsylvania Brigade
Weeden’s Virginia Brigade
Muhlenburg’s Virginia Brigade
Maxwell’s Light Infantry
Colonel Bland’s 1st Dragoons
Stephen’s Division
Stirling’s Division
Pennsylvania Militia
Maryland Militia
New Jersey Militia

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Gerald said...

Warfare is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

Your article is very well done, a good read.