Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need Assistance re: Hungarian Army

This photo was taken in Budapest of my Grandfather, Andrew Bauman, before he immigrated to Canada in 1926. He was born in Veszprem, Hungary, Jan 1901. I have included a copy of the back side of this picture postcard - perhaps someone can translate. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can provide some historical insight to this photograph.

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Unknown said...

I just have been surfing the internet, looked for oldtime images of Veszprém city, and found your blog. Found this post and this postcard. And I saw you need translation.
The handwritten text says: Bajnok utca 30. This is an address. Bajnok is the name of the street, "utca" stands for street.
The next two characters are perhaps "I m" (instead of I am…) If it is not "I m", then it could be a further numbering of the address, but this does not seems to be that.
The next line says: Bognár László
This is a typical hungarian name. The Bognár is a family name, the László is the first name.
The last word on the card back is: "amerikai". It stands for: American.
The "Bajnok utca 30." is here:,+Budapest,+1063/@47.5122618,19.0651751,17z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x4741dc7479fe1793:0x833da861a3a4d934!2sBajnok+u.+30,+Budapest,+1063!3b1!3m1!1s0x4741dc7479fe1793:0x833da861a3a4d934?hl=hu

The men on the picture is holding a sword, as I see.

The stamp in the middle is the stamp of the photographer studio.
The name of the studio was "Opál", it stands for Opal.
"Fényképészeti műterem" stands for photo studio.
The 2nd line of the stamp is the address of the studio: Budapest, VII., Kerepesi út 34.
This is an image of the Opál (you can see the name in the right-middle):

This is all, I hope it was helpful.

Best wishes
Nagy Balázs
from Hungary, Veszprém city