Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Family Heirloom

This quilt square comes from a quilt made by my husband's G-Grandmother, Arra Amanda Bacon Casteel. She made the quilt prior to 1900 and passed it on to her youngest son, Myron Craig Casteel. The quilt was well used and falling apart in many places. The current owner of the quilt knew I was involved in genealogy and contacted me. She told me of her idea of salvaging chosen squares to frame and give to her children. She wanted to know if I was interested in the remainder of this quilt so that I could to the same. "Heck Yeah!" The picture you see is the one we have displayed in our home. I also framed other squares and created Christmas presents for all of my husband's siblings. In the frame I included brief narrative on their Great-Grandmother and the quilt.

Arra Amanda Bacon b.Feb 1860 in Scottsville, Macoupin Co. Illinois; Daughter of Jeremiah Bacon (1824-1868) & Susan Sharp King (1825-1904) and married James Polk Casteel on Apr 1876 in Barr Township, Macoupin Co. IL.
Arra A. Casteel passed away on 10 June 1833 in Illinois.

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thank you for sharing this idea. I did something similar with some sofa material from a tent camper we had to send to the junkyard. It held many memories for my family so I kept cloth to serve as a backing in several picture frames which displayed photos of past camping trips.
Not so fancy as your quilt but still cherished.
Evelyn in Montreal