Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Day in History

I never had much interest in History when in school but working on Genealogy has changed this significantly. Every place and every person has a story and now I look for it. Hopefully the history bug has bitten other genealogists like it has me and they might enjoy this little tidbit for today:

On this day, March 15, 44B.C. (the Ides of March), Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of plotting Roman senators. The location of Caesar when he was stabbed by the senators is under debate. Some believe he was outside the Senate, others have him inside, and, lately, a third argument has the stabbing occur before he arrived at the Senate. The death blow came after friction grew between the senators and Caesar over perceived indignities propagated by Caesar. Some historians believe that the final straw came when a group of senators met with Caesar and he did not rise to greet them.

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Claudia's thoughts said...

I was at Barnes and Nobles and I mentioned to the check out person,as I was writing a check? "It's the Ides of March." She looked at me and said 'What?" This woman was in her forties, I was really surprised.