Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Sea Captain's Wife

Are you a reader? Even if you are not an avid bookworm I believe any genealogist or family historian would truly enjoy this book. Looking at it just from a research perspective The Sea Captain's Wife is a wonderful compilation facts gathered, organized, and presented in a very readable book. The author, Martha Hodes, by utilizing a collection of letters, census records, current event articles of the period and specific localities, plus other historical documents, has created this very real life story of Eunice Connolly. A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting book that I highly recommend.

From the website :
"Award-winning historian Martha Hodes brings us into the extraordinary world of Eunice Connolly. Born white and poor in New England, Eunice followed her first husband to the Deep South and soon found her relatives fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War. Back in New England, Eunice and her children struggled to get by -- until Eunice fell in love with a well-to-do black sea captain, married him, and moved to his home in the British Caribbean. Tracking every lead in the family letters, Hodes retraced Eunice’s footsteps and met descendants along the way. The Sea Captain’s Wife takes up grand themes of American history -- war, racism, freedom -- and illuminates the lives of ordinary people in the past."

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Donna Davenport said...

Sounds interesting. I'll look for it. Thank you for visiting my new Butternut Valley blog and leaving a note. I set myself a goal to check a blog a day. Your blog is done very nicely. I can hope mine can be as good someday. Keep up the great work. Donna