Thursday, March 11, 2010

Footnote's Free Treasures - Treasure Chest Thursday  provides access to numerous historical record collections, several of which are free to view without subscribing.  Browse through their Original Documents list and you will see many of the collections  marked free.  History buffs beware - you will easily be sidetracked.

One of these collections, The Pennsylvania Archives, contains essential records relating to one of America's earliest colonies, Philadelphia, from 1664 to 1780, including military, tax, marriage, and land records, as well as documents from American history covering the Revolutionary War and the Whiskey Rebellion.

 Patience is the key to searching these records.  Different search combinations yield varying results.

So what did I find in this collection regarding our ancestors? 
....Request Denied...  I guess running a tavern wasn't meant to be for our Quaker baker from Holland:
Located in the Minutes of the Provincial Council, pg 125:
Meeting of the Council dated 9th of 2d mo, 1686, contains:
plus a reference to the marriage of his daughter, Christian, in series 2, Vol III, Pennsylvania Marriages Recorded, pg viii