Thursday, March 18, 2010


  I  recently located the death record of our ancestor Gervais Lambert Champagne (shown below) on PRDH.  It was here we found note of his occupation.

Occupation:  ANCIEN MARGUILLIER      Translation: Former Warden

The warden (Latin matricularis, which keeps a record) was in each parish, whose burden was to keep record of who received the alms of the Church. He serves as Assistant Sacristan, appoints and dismisses the singers, the attendants, etc....
Un marguillier A churchwarden is person in charge of administering the property of the parish (land, renting land, schools, pensions and taxes), to ensure maintenance of premises, to keep the Parish register and prepare cases to be brought to the board.

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Joan said...

Everyday, someone opens my eyes to new and wonderful ways to research my lines.

Thanks for sharing this really interesting death record.