Sunday, June 6, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #23: Getting Kinky

Genealogy Challenge Description for Week 23: "Come up with a personal genealogy challenge of your own. Each person has different research goals and experiences. Use this week to come up with your own challenge, and then take the steps to accomplish it."        My Goal:

Getting the Kinks out of my Family History Database

Thank you to MHD of GreatGreats genealogy blog for pointing out a discrepancy in one my postings. Best of all, a source was included with the notes shared with me.  This has inspired me to go back to some of my very first gatherings of family history data and clean up & verify some of my source and data entry 'kinks'.

As always - while I do this I come across new information and continue to update and add to things I haven't looked at in a long time.  I am actually enjoying rediscovering the already discovered.

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Don't forget - it's only kinky the first time.