Thursday, June 24, 2010

Naturalization Certificate of Anton Stosz

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We were very pleased to find this certificate in our papers.
The Naturalization Certificate for our ancestor, Anton Stosz.
Dated 09 Feb 1927 Certificate # 189088, Chicago, Cook, Ilinois

Anton was born 25 Oct 1886 in Segenthau, Hungary 
 (Now known as Sagul/Sugal or Dreispitz, Romania)
Son of Michael Stoss &  Anna Wild
Married Maria Rauner 25 Jan 1910 in Segenthau, Austria-Hungary
Immigrated 03 Aug 1914 Port of NY on the SS George Washington of the North German Lloyd line.

d: 16 Feb 1954 in East Brunswick, New Jersey
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Nan said...

I would very much like to get in touch with T. Casteel as we have many family names in common. Our family also came from Sagul or as we called it Segenthau.

Cheryl Palmer said...

Always pleasing to have documents such as this already in the files and you don't have to look for and order it.Nice!

TCasteel said...

Nan, You can contact me at my email: mayport1 at verizon dot net
-- where at=@ and dot=. --
(I spell the email address out to prevent the spam bots from gleaning it off the internet)

amanda stosz said...

This is pretty interesting...I actually found this blog from a google image search by googling my name, I'm a photographer so was just curious what would be at the top of the search and I saw a photo from your blog at some point in the search and clicked on it, read a few of the posts. My family also immigrated from Romania, as well as Austria and their last name while still in Europe was Stoss, but changed it to Stosz when they came to the US sometime around WWII. I believe they came to New York first but eventually settled in Amherst, Massachusetts where they started a farm with a lot of land which is now broken up into plots where my grand parents, uncles and other extended families have built homes. I just think it's interesting that your ancestors that you have written about here also immigrated from the same region and same time and seemed to have changed their names to Stosz from Stoss upon immigrating. Curious if it is the same family as mine.