Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday: Whitlock / Whitlocke

Whitlocke / Whitlock


"Vive dui Whitlocke deo sic utere fatis ut reserent sensus alba nec atratous" (Long live the Whitlockes. In God may he reveal understanding so that our future may be bright not gloomy)


 Surname Origin:  (Saxon) Fair hair  - from the Middle English 'whit', white, with 'lock', a tress or a curl.

Also, from the  Internet Surname Database there is "an Old English pre 7th Century personal name composed of the elements 'whit', demon or elf, and 'lac', play, or sport, thus elf play, and Whitlock may be from this source."

 Our Ancestor:  Hannah Whitlocke (b.1613 or 1617)

listed in the Buckinghamshire Parish Registers, Marriages:

Jos. Baldwin & Hannah Whitlocke
Married 10 Nov 1636 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 
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MHD said...

Thanks for posting this! One little error: I think you want 1636 for their marriage, right? I just published a post myself and am going right back and edit it, given your info. Also, I couldn't get the Allen County link to give me a workable format, but their link to Open Library is a super resource and very easy to use:

TCasteel said...

Done - Thank you for noting that slip of the fingers!!